Ximena Rodriguez, Founder Colombian Style

Ximena Rodriguez, founder of Colombian Style with some of the great talent from the Wayúu Tribe in la Guajira, Colombia.

Colombian Style was founded in 2009 with the idea of sharing the best of Colombian art,  products and design. There are many talented artisans and designers in Colombia and we felt the need to open a window so that the rest of the world could see their products.

Our products are all  handmade by women from the Wayúu tribe. This tribe is located at the north of the Colombian Peninsula. We started working working with Create Foundation in 2013. This foundation has helped the region in many ways, but especially, teaching them the importance of commerce. We now have not only a great product, but also an excellent manufacturing workflow so we can bring the best products in  time.

We only sell handmade products, original designs, each individual product takes approximately 25 days to make.

Colombian Style is a family proyect, if you want to contact us directly for a special order please do so. My name is Ximena and I welcome you Colombian Style. The place where you can find vibrant colors and beautiful patterns that represent the universe and nature. These products are a unique piece of art.

Sincerely: Ximena Rodriguez





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  1. Faith

    Hello There!
    I was wondering if the Wayuu color design blue and pink was still available( $89 ). I see it is here but noted the FB page hasn’t been updated recently.
    Thank you!

    1. Colombian Style Post author

      Hi Faith,

      Thank you for writing us.

      We had some issues with our shopping cart so we sort of neglected our social networks.

      The Mochila is still available, you can purchase it on the website via Paypal.

      Remember there is a free shipping on your second mochila .


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